Saturday, June 28, 2014

Reaching healthcare professionals can be difficult. However, if you have a product or service to market to them, use medical mailing lists with quality contact information.

Benefits of using medical mailing lists:

Sending marketing material which is not specifically addressed to the decision-maker is pointless. Find leads which include the professional title, specialty, phone number and correct mailing address. If you reach the owner of the medical practice, you have an audience for your offer.

Use medical mailing lists to establish a business relationship. These professionals are more likely to purchase services from vendors they know and trust. Well-written brochures and mailers can be a huge asset and helps to create instant rapport. Make every effort to represent your business well since you have a narrow window of opportunity to make an impression.

What Should Be Included In Your List?
A focused list can be a gold mine of leads if you have the proper data. Of course, correct contact information is key, but you must also segment the data by geography, specialty, medical school attended and number of patients seen per week. With this type of data, you can be sure to reach the right health care professional.

How To Select A Mailing List Provider

Consider these four guidelines before purchasing a list from a broker.

1.     Find out how their list is compiled. Look for reputable services like the American Medical Association, American Dental Association, US Postal Service and census data. Quality lists should be updated frequently since contact information can often change.

2.     Compare quotes from at least 3 vendors. The lowest price does not always guarantee the highest quality. Expect to pay 15 to 25 cents per lead. Some brokers will give deep discounts for volume purchases, so be sure to negotiate.

3.     Ask how the data will be delivered and in what format. A small list can be delivered using email. For a large quantity of records, make sure that you can download the data from a cloud storage host.

4.     The most common format is Microsoft Excel. However, comma separated records can be used to easily merge your data into mailing labels.

5.     If you are purchasing a list with email addresses, take a look at the Can Spam Act and abide by those guidelines. Never send unsolicited email. Recipients will sometimes “black-list” your sender address and your professional reputation can be tainted. Use the medical mailing list with direct mail to reach your target audience.


Using medical mailing lists to boost your sales can be an effective way to reach doctors, surgeons and dentists. These health care providers are often receptive to new offers, but you must be able to reach them directly. Professionally designed marketing material coupled with a quality list is a powerful combination.